Becoming a lifestyle advertising stylist was a natural progression for Sarah Leon. Sarah grew up in Michigan around a retail environment; her mother owned a clothing store. Along with having a camera in her hand since age 8, and a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of South Florida, lifestyle-advertising styling suited her perfectly. For the past 15 years Sarah has worked with some of the greatest photographic talents around. She has a complete understanding of the business of advertising, styling a variety of projects with demographics being the foremost consideration. "Making the shot look natural and believable is of the utmost importance, knowing the audience and usage of the work helps to determine the overall look and feel," Sarah has said. She primarily works on location, from the jungles of Mexico, to the beaches of Bora Bora to the city streets of Miami; Sarah brings to the table invaluable location experience. Known for being a quick thinker and efficient problem solver she strives to be a value to any crew she's a part of. Whether it's a thirty-day resort campaign or a week of shooting for a pharmaceutical company, you are guaranteed a high caliber of professionalism from Sarah, not to mention some laughter along the way. Give her a call to discuss your project today.

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